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About us

We are a young and dynamic Italian company, established in 2021, working with passion and commitment in multidisciplinary software development and services, with the goal of designing simple solutions to complex problems.

Our projects

Audiovisual services

The main project we carried out was mediaCastpro.
mediaCastpro is a B2B marketplace where companies and professionals working in the audiovisual industry can sell and buy video footage on any topic, including news and events. The primary goal of this platform is to facilitate the exchange of footage between videographers, journalists, TV broadcasters and video producers, avoiding the unnecessary hiring and moving of their own operators when the footage has already been shot by someone who can sell it. In addition to being innovative, it is certainly also an environmentally friendly project.
We are also working on a new citizen journalism platform, GoReporter, which will also allow private citizens to sell any news and reporting videos they manage to film with their smartphones.

Recipe websites and apps, especially fit

( only in Italian language )
We made the websites, and Although the web is already full of recipe sites, our sites are a bit against the grain, because they aim to be very simple, effective and innovative: for example, the recipes are easy, schematic and short, without unnecessary descriptions. Also, the quantities of ingredients are customizable, because we know that every family has different needs.
The website brings fit and protein recipes to Italy through the use of whey protein, which too often is only used to make drinks without exploiting its full potential. Recipes with whey protein can come in handy for both those who workout and those who want to lose weight.
All recipes on the 3 websites are also accessible through convenient Android apps.
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Game apps

We have made several game apps for Android, such as word games (anagrams and puzzles) and a game where you have to find the differences between two pictures. Check out all our apps in the Google Play Store.
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Company information

Limited liability company - Via Montevideo, 7/1a - 16129 Genova (GE) - Italy - VAT ID IT02773520990 - REA GE-510278 - Corporate capital € 10.000 fully paid-up
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